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la sala

la sala is an experimental, slow, and online-but-offline-first community, summoned by compudanzas and based on ssb technology.


la sala is an attempt to gather people who are interested in human-scale computation, dance, poetry, and/or the outdoors, and who might be influenced by ideas of permacomputing and/or solarpunk.

it arises from the desire of experimenting with sharing and connecting with others, via digital text, without having to be always on the internet.

on one hand, we wonder what could it mean to write-while-offline: the invitation is to turn off the corresponding switches, and if possible, to be outside.

on the other hand, we are interested in thoughtful and lighthearted posts. what can it mean to move beyond the immediacy of other spaces?

due to its experimental nature, many more things are waiting to be figured out.

if you are interested in joining, make sure to contact us. however, please note that for the moment we are only accepting people that we know already.

a little bit of tech-talk

in la sala we prefer to avoid these topics (or tech-talk in general), but here we mention them because they are relevant to how it works.

la sala is an always-on and always-connected computer that helps us to share offline-first text-based messages thanks to the ssb protocol.

to use ssb means that we can write and read posts, offline, from our devices running an app like Manyverse, and have them syncing whenever some of our contacts and us are online at the same time.

la sala is an ssb room, which means that it facilitates the sharing of contents between its members when we get online. we recommend watching this video that talks through the implications and possibilities of a room like this one: Introducing SSB Rooms 2.0 (yt)

for la sala members:

getting in

once you receive an invite link, you can claim it using the same device where you have Manyverse installed.

log in

you can then log in to la sala by coming to this website ( and clicking on sign in.

alternatively, in Manyverse you can go to the connections panel, go to your connected peers, tap and then use the option to sign in to the website.

other members

now you'll be able to see the members of the room and our status of connection :)

you can add the members of the room to your contacts by either using their ssb id or by using their alias, if they have one.

for example, sejo's id is @y+CywqbY5If181KcX87nQLh4tqAGllkt3lvoY0f+zy0=.ed25519 and their alias is sejo.

the alias means you can find them using the following url on a web browser in the same device where Manyverse is installed.

create an alias

in order to create an alias, use Manyverse: go to your profile, edit it, and find the register a new alias button.

you'll see that it mentions an alias based on a sub-domain. we don't have that option enabled, so the aliases will be of the form:


keep in mind-heart that posts in ssb can't be edited or deleted :)

this happens because they are replicated to your contacts and, as ssb is offline-first, then it can't be guaranteed that they can be touched/edited/deleted.

also, keep in mind-heart that by default your posts are public, i.e. they can be found by the contacts of your contacts.

you can also create private posts for up to 7 people.


feel free to introduce yourself using the #new-people channel (hashtag in other contexts)!

and don't hesitate to ask any question you might have!

have fun, and welcome!